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At WAXpert we understand that everyone's hair and skin type is different, so we use wax that will provide you with the most efficient, comfortable waxing experience, creating flawless results every time.  We use a combination of both hard and soft waxes to meet your unique hair removal needs. All of our waxes are made with natural ingredients and are designed to provide benefits to your skin.

LYCON waxes use natural ingredients and special aromatherapy oils for their conditioning and soothing benefits.   LYCOTEC white strip cream wax consists of quality ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Titanium Dioxide and delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 2mm. You can expect a virtually painless experience as well as minimal redness and irritation.

LYCOJET and LYCON Stripless Wax are applied at a low temperature, creating a shrink-wrap around the hairs removing even stubborn hairs as short as 1mm! Perfect for short hair on any part of the face and body. LYCON hot waxes can be re-applied multiple times on just waxed skin, without discomfort or irritation. High performance LYCOJET eliminates the need to tweeze. Excellent for sensitive areas including brazilians!

​Our waxes are made with natural ingredients, however, if you are still concerned, we are happy to do a patch test to be sure!

Pre and Post Wax Care
The day before you plan to wax, exfoliate the area to remove dead skin cells and make those short hairs easier to grip.  The hair should be at least 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch for best results.

Do not consume alcohol prior to waxing thinking it’ll ease the pain. Alcohol actually tightens pores, making it much more painful. Stimulants, like coffee, can also increase sensitivity. During the 24 hours before getting waxed, don’t expose the skin areas to be treated to the sun or use a sunbed.

Things to avoid after your appointment:

  • Scented creams/lotions
  • Deodorant, if you had your underarms waxed
  • Heat, such as baths/steam rooms
  • Perfumes
  • Direct sunlight or tanning beds
  • Wear tight rubbing clothes after your wax as this may irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs.
  • Perspiration. Let this be your excuse to skip going to the gym!